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Model IDPatient IDPathology Diagnosis
Age at Diagnosis
Clinical Event Pt
Muscle Invasiveness
Carcinoma in Situ
Lymphovascular Invasion
Occupational ExposureSmoking History
Clinical FindingsNeoadjuvant Therapy
Intravesical Therapy
Chemo SensitivityPatient Treatment
BL8088BGB620675Urothelial, NOSBlack or African American73.07FemaleHigh Grade(G3)T3a N0PrimaryNMIBCNo CISNoNoCurrentNoNot ReportedUnknown
BL8089BGB678764Urothelial, NOSWhite70.06MaleHigh Grade(G3)T1 N0PrimaryNot ReportedNo CISNoNoFormerNoNot ReportedUnknown
BL8090BGB693297Urothelial, NOSWhite59.44MaleHigh Grade(G3)T1 N0PrimaryNMIBCNo CISNoNoCurrentNoNot ReportedUnknown
BL8091BGB668816Urothelial, NOSWhite58.74FemaleHigh Grade(G3)T4b N0PrimaryMIBCCISNoNoNeverNoNot ReportedUnknownPembrolizumab
BL8093BGB697304Urothelial, NOSWhite72.0MaleHigh Grade(G3)T2 N0PrimaryMIBCCISYesNoFormerNoNot ReportedUnknown5FU,Mitomycin MMC
BL8106BGB917663Urothelial, NOSWhite46.6FemaleHigh Grade(G3)T1RecurrenceNMIBCCISNoNoFormer SmokerNoChemotherapyUnknownBCG,Gemcitabine
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